Opening an Outlet

Opening any franchise, although it is a safe way of doing business, takes a lot of energy and endurance and has many pros, cons, and obstacles. Make sure that you make an informed decision and consider which type of franchise would suit you. For instance, if you want to go join Barcelos in the food industry, are you willing to work the long hours? How good are you at inter-personal relationships? 

Will running a Barcelos outlet suit your finances, energy and character?
If you want to own a fast-food franchise outlet, but cannot decide, then do your homework: visit a few outlets and talk to the staff about their experiences. 
Here are a few things to look for in a successful and trustworthy franchise:

  • A well-known or recognized brand name and trade mark
  • A history of proven performance and success
  • A good reputation among past and present franchisees
  • A period of training for you and initial on-site support
  • Ongoing support and mentoring in all areas of the business
  • Training of your staff/laborers
  • Efforts to ensure low staff turn-overs
  • A manual of operations to help you run the business successfully
  • Successful marketing campaigns for the franchise
  • Concrete plans for the growth of the franchise.

At Barcelos, we offer each of the above and walk with you step-by step, starting with the first step of your journey. Firstly, you must decide on the following:

Can you obtain the necessary finances?
Are you a service orientated individual who believes in a pro-active approach?
Are you energetic and willing to work hard?
Can you work well with most types of people and have good inter-personal skills?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to the above questions, then decide in which area or town you would like to locate your franchise. Then call us to arrange an interview at the Barcelos Head Office in Cairo.

This is only very brief information about setting up a Barcelos franchise. It will be best, after answering ‘yes’ to above two questions, to contact us for further discussions.

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